Dragon Players to Play “The Game”

Sisters Life (Desiree Springer), Time (Sophia Aston) and Death (Lydia Boyd) argue over whose life should end and whose life should be spared.

The Cameron High School Dragon Players will perform their 2018 production of Louise Bryant’s “The Game.”

Extended upon and with characters added by director Whitney Healy, “The Game” tells the story of a gamble played between sisters Life and Death. In this one-act play, Life is trying to bargain with Death, who is scheduled to take two of Life’s best prospects. A morality play that teaches about the reality of Life, Death, and Time, “The Game” is sure to make attendees think, feel and reconsider what it means to live or to die.

Lydia Boyd, will play the part of Death. Desiree Springer will play Death’s “other half”, with the role of Death’s sister and Sophia Aston will play the third sister. Mixed in the intricate, twisting plotline are the characters of a Mother (Morgan Drake), her Child (Carley Anderson), Youth (Levi Carney), a Solider (Karri Lemmons), the Girl (Callie O’Neil), all of whom are stuck at the line between life and death—the dark part of human existence to which there is seemingly no end.

Throughout Life, Death and Time’s discussions (as to whether or not the lives of these four should continue or end) resounds the voice of God (Levi Scott), Judgement (Raven Strope) and an Angel (Sadie Proctor).

Dori Yoho and Levi Scott will run the production’s light and sound, while Karri Lemmons and Kayleigh Neely will be serving as stage managers.

The show will open Friday, April 27 at 7:00PM. Saturday, April 28 curtain is at 7:00PM and on Sunday, April 29 the show starts at 3:00PM.

Tickets will be $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students, and children under 5 will have free admission. Tickets for students who show their drug-free cards will get into the show for $2.00. For more information, please call Whitney Healy at 304-686-3336 or email her at whealy@k12.wv.us.