Students in 4th through 12th grade put their “mathletic” skills to the test during the annual Marshall County Math Day competition at Sherrard Middle School on Saturday.

Approximately 130 students competed in categories ranging from mental math, mental estimation, measurement estimation and short answer. Participants also took a written test.

Students who placed 1st through 4th in each division advance to Regional Math Day on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Wheeling Park High School. Regional winners will go on to compete at the state competition in Fairmont on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

4th grade Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Lexi Landis (4th), Ella Finley (Alternate)

Front Row:  Sophie Cunningham (1st), Zoe Zervos (2nd), Nolan Smith (3rd)


5th grade Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Jasper Murrin (4th), Kayden Knapp (Alternate)

Front Row:  Samuel Hanning-Keyser (1st), Mackenzie Ghaphrey (2nd), Kaylee White (3rd)


6th grade Winners (L to R)

Maverick Lemasters (1st), Tori Finley (2nd), Owen Anderson-Magers (3rd), Sydney Gray (4th)

Not Pictured: Von Crall (Alternate)


7th grade Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Jude Thomas (4th), Megan Williams (Alternate)

Front Row:  Lillian Roman (1st), Nate Smith (2nd), Grace Gatts (3rd)


8th grade Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Erice Lagos (4th), Braden Whitelatch (Alternate)

Front Row:  Katrina Perry (1st), Sybil Willis (2nd), Jenna Vucelik (3rd)


9th grade Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Charli Garrison (4th), Dakota Wyatt (Alternate)

Front Row:  Nate Flowers (1st), Jackson Thomas (2nd), Fred Carroll (3rd)


High School Winners (L to R)

Back Row:  Emily Anderson (10th), Anthony Siler (Alternate), Colton Asbury (Alternate), Kaitlyn Bailey (Alternate), Kiersten Schenerlein (Alternate)

Front Row:  Austin Williams (1st), Hayden Thomas (2nd), Zara Zervos (3rd), Josilee Scott (4th), Jakob Gardill (6th), Cullen Wise (9th)

Not pictured: Elaina Herback (5th), Ryan Huff (7th), Lydia Knutsen (8th)